CVPR15 Extended Abstracts

This year, following a successful tradition at BMVC, the CVPR authors were asked to provide a one-page extended abstract describing their paper. These extended abstracts can be downloaded individually for each paper from the main program web page . They are also available on your USB drive that is distributed with the registration package, and can be browsed from there.

In addition, we have created collated sets of these abstracts to provide a quick and easy way to preview papers in each poster session:

Poster Session Monday Morning: 10:00-12:30
Poster Session Monday Afternoon: 15:30-18:00
Poster Session Tuesday Morning: 10:00-12:30
Poster Session Tuesday Afternoon: 15:30-18:00
Poster Session Wednesday Afternoon: 15:30-18:00

How to use the collated abstracts:

The collated abstracts are designed to be used with each poster session. In particular, the page number of each abstract corresponds to the poster number in the given session. To use these abstracts to preview a poster session, we recommend the following:

1) Obtain the collated abstracts for the poster session of interest, either by downloading it above, or obtaining it from the USB drive distributed at registration.

2) Open the collated set in a PDF viewer.

3) Set the PDF viewer so that it shows a single page rather than a scrolling view or a multipage view.

4a) Use main program page as a table of contents for each collated set of abstracts. Go to the page number corresponding to the abstract of interest (i.e., page 37 for paper #37, as shown on the main program page).

4b) Alternatively, simply search for the title or subject of the paper of interest, and go directly to that paper, using your PDF viewer's search capability.